8 Reasons You Should Start Foam Roller Exercises

You’ve probably seen people doing foam rolling but never bothered to try it. Well, you can benefit from this self-massage activity. Spare 10 minutes after each workout to do foam roller exercises.

Foam rolling is a form of self-massage that loosens the joints, muscles and enhances muscle recovery.  And it’s not just fit for only athletes – anyone can benefit from it. Below are 8 reasons you should do foam roller exercises.

1. Gain flexibility

Flexibility is an aspect of fitness most people ignore. Being flexible can reduce risk of injury, and eliminate joint, knee and lower back pain. Well, research shows that foam rolling can improve your flexibility.

2. Reduce stress

Did you know that muscles stiffen when you’re stressed? And did you further know that eliminating muscle tension can reduce stress? Well, foam rolling doesn’t just loosen your muscles, this studyshows that self-massage can lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

3. Increase range of motion

Are you unable to do deep squats and the back bridge? Foam rolling can increase your range of motion. And it’s worth noting that wider range of motion burns more calories and increases muscle and strength faster.

4. Better blood circulation

Better blood circulation allows oxygen to reach all organs. And this will consequently improve immune function, and reduce numbness. Use a foam roller on all body parts except on the lower back and the area between the ribs and hips.

5. Less risk of injury

Flexibility and better flow blood circulation lower risk of injury. Use foam roller on injury prone parts like hamstrings, IT band, and shoulders.

6. Faster muscle recovery

Foam rolling can enhance recovery after an intense workout. In fact, research shows that foam rolling after workouts can eliminate soreness. Drinking plenty of water will also help you recover faster.

7. Break up scar tissue

Foam rolling helps break scar tissue. This will increase skin elasticity and make it easier to perform exercises you weren’t able to do before.

8. Save money

A foam roller has a one-time cost, unlike sports massages which you have to pay for each session. But foam rolling isn’t a replacement for sports massage. Go for sports massage once or twice a month.

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