Apple Cider Vinegar + Grapefruit Drink As Ultimate Fat Burner

Both apple cider vinegar and grapefruit are common ingredients in many weight loss recipes. The consumption of half grapefruit per day before you have your breakfast is an excellent way to decrease your waistline.


This fat burner fruit will keep you full for a longer period of time and also kick start your metabolism. It has 2 g of fiber and 53 calories per serving.

Apple cider vinegar is perfect in the fight against diarrhea, lethargy and indigestion. It is also excellent in reducing appetite and burning fat. Get all the benefits of this powerful ingredient by choosing organic vinegar.

Grapefruit + ACV Drink Recipe


–        a cup of ACV

–        a cup of grapefruit juice

You only have to make a mixture between these two ingredients.

Why This Beverage Works?

The large amounts of Vitamin C in this drink make it perfect in burning fat. When it comes to weight loss, thins vitamin is really useful. Many studies have proved that people with large amounts of Vitamin C burn fat faster and easier than the others.

Despite Vitamin C, this beverage is full of acetic acid that actually stimulates the genes that produce more proteins that target fats.

For better efficiency, consume the drink 2 times per day before meals!

You can also sweeten the drink with some organic honey. The juice can be kept up to 2 days,

Another variation of this drink is the following:

–        a tbsp of raw honey

–        ½ cup of orange juice

–        A cup of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

–        A tbsp of ACV

The presence of Vitamin C and the addition of orange juice will also alkalize your body and flush the fats aways.

Have a nice day and enjoy your body like never before!

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