Clear Up Blemishes with This Face Mask Made from Aspirin and Yogurt

Continual exposure to UV rays and hormonal changes are two major causes of blemishes on your face.

This condition is getting more and more common, and every day there’s a new product to prevent them, added to the already wide range of treatments out there.

The problem is that these commercial treatments tend to be quite expensive. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the money for something like that.

In addition, some of the chemical compounds in them aren’t healthy at all, and can cause adverse reactions on sensitive skin.

The good news is that there are low-cost, natural solutions that can help you clear up these blemishes without exposing your skin to harsh components. They even use easy-to-find ingredients.

Today, we’d like to share with you a face mask made from aspirin and yogurt that will noticeably improve your face.

You’re going to love it!

Aspirin and yogurt face mask

Aspirin is a medicine that’s become popular in recent years as a low-cost ingredient for helping many kinds of skin problems.

It’s usually used for pain and cardiovascular health. However, the chemical compounds in aspirin give it special powers for your skin.

It contains a fat-soluble substance known as hydroxy acid, which is now being used in creams and skin exfoliating products.

This substance makes marks and spots less noticeable, improves healing, and as if that weren’t enough, gets rid of contaminants that find their way onto your skin.

In addition, the salicylic acid in aspirin also makes it anti-inflammatory and anti-aging, so once it absorbs into your skin, it fights acne and signs of premature aging.

Here, we’ll enhance the effect by adding the yogurt, a wonderful ingredient that has been used for decades as a natural cosmetic.

Its lactic acid, along with its antioxidants and probiotics, regulate skin pH and encourage the removal of dead skin cells.

It heals and clears up your skin, and if applied regularly, will make blemishes and scars less noticeable.


How to use this face mask

All you need to make this aspirin yogurt face mask is a few minutes and very little money.

While it’s mainly for reducing blemishes, it can also be used to control oil production and cleanse your pores.

In addition, it’s even a good option for reducing the negative effects of free radicals, especially when your body is accumulating toxins.


  • 6 aspirin tablets
  • 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt (50 g)
  • 2 tablespoons of honey (50 g)


  • First, grind the aspirin with a mortar and pestle until it forms a powder.
  • Then, put it into a clean container and mix in the Greek yogurt and honey.
  • After, stir until creamy, then apply.

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How to Apply

  • At night, right after you wash your face and remove your makeup, spread the mask over all affected areas of your face.
  • If you like, you can also apply it to your neck and chest to really take advantage of the mask’s anti-aging abilities.
  • Then, let sit for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • As you rinse, make gentle circular movements on your skin to help remove dead skin cells.
  • After this, apply a moisturizing cream to enhance the effects.
  • Repeat at least 3 times a week and always remember to use sun protection every day.

A few things to keep in mind

  • The ingredients in this face mask don’t usually have undesired side effects, but it’s a good idea to test it on a small area of your skin before applying it all over. If you experience irritation or burning, don’t use it.
  • Your face won’t clear up immediately and you have to do the treatment several times to see noticeable results.
  • You can enhance the effects by eating well, drinking enough water, and using gentle facial products and makeup.

Are you ready to try it? Follow our recommendations and you’ll see just how fantastic this homemade, low-cost face mask really is!

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