Fluorine Slows Down The Brain And Develops The Tumor

Content in all toothpastes and commercial chewing gum, has been under investigation for years to its effect of slowing down brain activity and thus making people stupid and manipulable. An important Harvard study published in a federal government newspaper confirms fluoride damage to the brain
In commenting on a variety of studies that have shown how much fluoride can damage the brain and, consequently, the intellectual quotient (QI), scientists at Harvard University stated that “our findings support the possibility that fluoride exposures produce adverse effects on children’s neurological development. ”

Fluoride toxicity for the body has been more explicitly highlighted in some recent research conducted at Harvard. In a written statement, researchers indicate that: “Children in high-concentration fluoro [in water, ndt] have significantly lower IQs than those who lived in low-concentration areas of fluoride.”

Fluorine increases tumor growth

No surprise for those who have pursued fluoride research over the last few years. Already in 1977, for example, epidemiological studies conducted by Dr. Dean Burk, head of the Cytokemic Section of the National Cancer Institute, revealed that exposure to fluoride increases tumor growth, even when present at levels minimum [less than 1 ppm]. In its research, it detects an acceleration of the tumor growth rate of 25%, but also explicitly as the fluoride produces melanotic tumors (linked to the presence of a melanoma), transforms normal cells into tumor cells and increases the carcinogenesis of others chemicals [ie increases the carcinogenic potential of the elements to which it is associated]. Also in the 1977 study, Dr. Burk estimated the number of deaths caused by fluoride by 10,000.


Always the authors of the study, then explain how fluorine actually attacks the brain in unborn babies, launching a direct assault on their neurological development: “Fluorescence quickly crosses the placenta. Exposure to the developing brain fluoride, which is much more susceptible to the damage caused by toxic substances than the mature brain, may eventually lead to permanent damage. ”


Studies that have exposed the same correlation between lowering QI and fluorine intake are many. Prof. Paul Connett, director of the Fluoride Action Network, was one of many activists to speak openly of the latest study to highlight this association. Right now, there are 39 studies on this! And what has been done? Unfortunately, it was ‘hidden under the rug’ by the leading health organizations, who continue to say that fluorine is perfectly safe. Fluoric dangers are a fact and the economic interests are enormous and perhaps also of a different kind. The Nazis added fluoride in water supplies to concentration camps, I do not think it was for their teeth.

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