Get Rid Of Bunions Totally Natural With This Powerful Tea!

Bunions can be removed surgically, so if you do not want to go under the knife, we have the right solution for you that will help get rid of them painlessly and quickly.

This extremely powerful remedy will remove the salt deposits from your body and then restore the feet to their previous normal state.

Women are more affected by this issue. Due to some inflammatory processes, these salts deposits occur, or on account of tight or uncomfortable shoes.

This disorder can really affect your quality of life, despite they are not always painful. It can be quite an ordeal finding fitting footwear, they are also annoying and can be quite unattractive.

Bay Leaf Tea Recipe

In 30ml/10oz of water, add a tbsp of crushed bay leaves. Let it cook for 5 min and then pour the mixture in a thermos. Let it stay during the night and strain it in the morning.

Consume it in very small sips during the day, Perform this powerful treatment for one week and always prepare the tea fresh. Perform the treatment again after 7 days.

You will probably go to toilet often, which indicates the salt in your organism is dissolving.

You will see the first improvements in just ten days of consumption. Your joint pain will also disappear apart from feeling much better. If you consume this powerful remedy for 2 months, your bunions will totally disappear.

Source: Healthiest Universe

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