At the moment, dental implants are the best option for filling the gaps in your mouth. These implants are connected to the jaw and can support dental prosthesis such as crowns, bridges and dentures through a process called osseointegration. Although effective, dental implants are a pretty invasive and painful method for replacing lost teeth, and they’re pretty expensive as well. However, thanks to a new research, the future for oral dentistry is non-invasive and bright.

A team of scientists from the Columbia University led by Dr. Jeremy Mao has recently started a research in order to find a new non-invasive method of replacing teeth, and they have been successful. The research discovered that there is actually a way with which we can regrow our teeth naturally and in just 9 weeks. Incredible, right? The new discovery by Dr. Mao and his team will forever change the future of oral dentistry, and may be the replacement for bridges, crowns and dentures we have all been waiting for.

The method works by building a “scaffolding” for the teeth made of stem cells. These stem cells stimulate our DNA to regrow our teeth in only 2 months, which is pretty amazing if you ask us. According to Dr. Mao, the stem cells merge with the surrounding area of the teeth and stimulate regeneration of lost bone tissue. In this way, the teeth start growing again and are completely regrown in only 9 weeks.

Of course, the procedure is still experimental, but Dr. Mao says that it’s only a matter of time before it sees the light of day, and we couldn’t be more excited by it!


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