How To Reduce Fatty Liver? Here Are Some Useful Tips!

Fatty liver- the name itself says all, too many fat around and in the liver. Exist two types of this liver disease. One is called alcoholic liver disease (ALD) and two is called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). They are caused by different reasons; however, they have some symptoms in common.

No one wants fatty liver disease, since there is no remedy or surgery that can actually cure this disease. Take a notice that is extremely bad for your health to have fatty liver disease, but we can help you by giving you a couple of healthy tips in terms of making changes in your lifestyle and diet.

  • Here are the causes:

The causes depend on the type of fatty liver disease. Obviously the first type is caused by alcohol and regardless whether you started drinking a long time ago or just recently you can still get this condition.

But, there is a twist. It is being discovered that for people who drink alcohol it really depends on the genes whether they get fatty liver. However, exist other reasons as well such as obesity, hepatitis C or excessive amount of iron.

When it comes to the nonalcoholic fatty liver, doctors are not exactly sure what causes it. Of course they found out that there are several possible reasons such as autoimmune diseases, obesity, aging, high level of cholesterol, diabetes and bad diet.

  • Signs and symptoms

At the beginning of this disease people who have it have no idea that they do since there aren’t any signs and symptoms. Usually, when people go for a simple routine check that is when the doctors find out about it since the liver looks much bigger than it should be.

People will start having symptoms the moment the liver gets inflamed. The symptoms they may start losing a lot of weight, fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, confusion and pain in the area of the stomach.

  • Treatment

As we said at the beginning currently there is no cure for this type of disease regardless if you have the alcoholic or nonalcoholic type of fatty liver. This means that there aren’t any remedies or surgeries that may help you when it comes to this condition.

One thing which may help is if you keep in control the levels of the fat and try to reduce as much as possible. For example, people with this issue should try and make changes within their lifestyle and diet such as to stop drinking alcohol or try and drink in a more normal, moderate way. Also, people should stop eating food products filled with sugars and instead change those products with food rich in fiber. The key things are keeping the level of cholesterol, blood sugar and weight within the normal range.


Apart from the things we mentioned above regarding the change of lifestyle and diet, there are a couple more which you can do in order to avoid having this condition or if you have it, then to try and make it easier. Regardless, whether you have alcoholic liver disease or nonalcoholic fatty liver disease you can use the following home remedies to try and solve this condition. Here they are:

– Lemon water

This is very good since it has plenty of antioxidants. So, try and two or three times during the day drink the normal consumption of lemon water which is in a full glass of water squeeze half a lemon. All of this will help you detoxify the liver.

– Apple cider vinegar

Here is another useful drink. For this remedy take one glass, fill it with warm water, add in it one spoon of apple cider vinegar (the vinegar which is raw and non-filtered). Drink this beverage twice during the day. Once, before having lunch, the second time before eating dinner. In order to achieve the necessary effect drink this remedy for a couple of months.

– Green tea

Drink three to four cups per day of your favorite tea and notice how the level of fatty liver is reducing. The reason for this is that the liver has a huge number of protective antioxidants. Plus, green tea is excellent for losing weight so this is excellent for people who have fatty liver.

– Turmeric milk

This is one of the best and most helpful beverages there is. Put into a cup ½ of turmeric and add some warm milk. Prepared like this, drink the beverage before going to bed. In this way thanks to the anti-inflammatory characteristics turmeric has you will be able to cure the liver.

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