Remedies for Warts

Warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) and, being caused by a virus, are highly contagious.

They come in various sizes and shapes and usually appear on the hands and fingers, but occasionally they may arise in other parts of the body.

This is because it is spread by direct contact. That is, by conact one part of the body with another.

If you touch a wart in your hand, you can pick up the virus with your fingers and move it to another part of the skin surface

Those that appear on the feet are called plantar warts and are very painful causing the person can not walk well. You need to be very careful with genital warts.

Popular remedies

The popular remedies to eliminate the warts are varied and abundant, which we have gathered below:

Remedy for Warts # 1: Rub the wart with a piece of garlic or with the juice of four garlic.

Remedy for Warts # 2: Make a knot in a string for every wart you have, then put the string over your shoulder under the full moonlight.

Remedy for Warts # 3: Draw a hand drawn cross-warts with an X and throw the picture in the trash.

Remedy for Warts # 4: Rub the wart with a chicken gizzard when the moon is waning. Then, take the gizzard and bury it in the middle of a dirt road. (In some parts they have replaced the gizzard with a rag to clean dishes).

Remedy for Warts # 5: Sell the wart to a relative on a penny.

Remedy for Warts # 6: Apply masking tape on warts. In case they are located on the fingers, use four layers and wrap as follows: The first layer on the tip of the finger; the second around the finger and, in the same way, is repeated again until they are four layers.

Remedy for Warts # 7: Count the amount of warts you have on your body, take equal number of kernels and place them in a small box that will be quietly left at the crossroads on a Friday.

Remedy for Warts # 8: Submerge plantar warts in warm water every night.

Remedy for Warts # 9: Apply vitamin E oil, clove essential oil or aloe vera sage (aloe vera) directly onto the wart.

Remedy for Warts # 10: Rub a piece of pork skin on the wart daily and then clean the area and leave that piece in the open for three nights.

Remedy for Warts # 11: Soak several slices of lemon in apple cider vinegar with a little salt and let it soak for two weeks. After that time, take the lemon slices and rub them over the wart.

Remedy for Warts # 12: Rub a piece of chalk, a raw potato or banana peel (called in some banana countries) on the wart.

Remedy for Warts # 13: Apply one drop of castor oil to the wart twice a day and cover it with a bandage or Band-Aid.

Remedy for Warts # 14: Form a thick paste with a spoonful of castor oil with baking soda. Apply the paste a few times a day and then cover with a bandage.

Remedy for Warts # 15: Grate a fresh ginger root and a raw potato. Mix, with a little water, until you get a paste. Apply over the wart and cover with a wide adhesive tape. Leave on for the night. Repeat until the wart disappears.

Remedy for Warts # 16: Rub the skin of a soft snail.

Remedy for warts # 17: Place, twice a day for a week, on the transparent nail polish wart and let dry

Remedy for Warts # 18: Wash a pineapple and extract a bit of peel. Apply the inner part of the wart (where the pulp is) to the wart and leave it on, supported by a tape, for a whole night. Perform this remedy several times.

Remedy for Warts # 19: Cut an onion in half, and make a large hole. Fill it with fat salt, and store in the refrigerator (inside a container so that the juice that is coming out does not fall out). When a kind of clear juice comes out, apply on the warts with a cotton swab a few times a day. (Be careful not to overdo it, since this preparation is a natural acid).

Remedy for Warts # 20: Remove the milky liquid from the dandelion stem and place on the warts. Leave to dry and perform this remedy daily. In a short time the warts will fall

Remedy for warts # 21: Remove a yellow liquid from the root of the major celedonia and place a few drops directly on the wart. Leave on and rub after 30 minutes. Apply this remedy daily until the wart loosens.

Remedy for Warts # 22: Grind some fresh evergreen leaves and apply directly on the warts, several times a day, until they disappear.

Remedy for Warts # 23: Soak 2 figs in red wine vinegar and macerate for 12 hours. Soak a gauze or cotton ball with this preparation and gently rub the warts before washing every morning at the same time

Remedy for Warts # 24: Wash a handful of celydonia and dry it. Then, apply the fresh celandine juice directly on the wart, ensuring that it does not touch healthy skin. To obtain the juice, it is enough that the fresh stalk of the celydonia is doubled on the wart, pressing it between the thumb and the index. Then gently rub the wart with a pumice stone. Repeat twice daily

Remedy for Warts # 25: White juice (latex), which is obtained by breaking the stem of euphorbia, is acrid and caustic. It is used in daily touches on the warts to make them disappear, which usually occurs in a few days. As this juice must be used immediately, it is necessary to reside near the places where the euphorbia grows, since the peasants advise to use it early in the morning, which would justify the name given to it as “euphorbia alarm”. It is recommended not to rub the eyes with the fingers that have been in contact with the euphorbia, since the latex would cause unbearable irritations

Remedy for Warts # 26: Macerate the sun in a glass jar 10 g of marigold flowers or marigold in 50 ml of olive oil, mixing occasionally, for 5 days. Apply, by means of plasters on the wart daily. You can hold it with a gauze.

Remedy for Warts # 27: Rub the wart with a cotton ball soaked in olive oil and then attach an aspirin on it with a band aid. Leave on for 3 hours. Do not use this remedy in case of allergy to acetylsalicílico acid (aspirin).

Remedy for Warts # 28: Put on the wart tooth paste or toothpaste in abundance and leave it on.

Remedy for warts # 29: Put just above the wart a cotton cane moistened with hydrogen peroxide. Apply carefully.

Remedy for Warts # 30: Apply a clay patch on the affected area leaving it to act half an hour a day. After leaving the area clean with water and dry, rub the wart with a few drops of lemon essential oil or cut half a lemon and rub equally, making sure that the juice soaks the area well

Remedy for Warts # 31: Use hypnosis to remove warts. Although this remedy seems totally unheard of it is important to note that it is based on a study conducted in the United States with 17 people who were treated with hypnosis to remove the warts once a week for five weeks. Seven other patients were not treated with hypnosis. Both groups were asked to refrain from any treatment for warts, including home remedies. Patients who received hypnosis were told that they would experience a tingling sensation on the warts on one side of the body and that only those warts would disappear. Nine patients lost more than three quarters of all their warts, and four patients lost all warts on both sides of the body. At the same time, the group of those who did not receive treatment showed no improvement. It is believed that the power of suggestion increases the activity of the body’s T cells, which fight viruses.

Remedy for Warts # 32: Apply a few drops of iodine on the wart and then place a band aid on it. Perform this remedy daily until the wart disappears.

Remedy for warts # 33: Apply on the wart a dose of 15 to 20 drops of sanguinaria tincture 3 times a day.

Remedy for Warts # 34: Put a few drops of colloidal silver on the affected area daily.

Remedy for Warts # 35: Soak a cotton ball with soap or sap latex and leave it on. Perform daily.

Remedy for warts # 36: Mix 2 drops of lemon oil, 1 drop of China cinnamon oil and 1 drop of mandarin oil. Apply a drop of this mixture on the affected area, morning and night, for a maximum of 8 weeks.

Remedy for Warts # 37: Crush a handful of coriander leaves until you get a poultice. Apply this directly on your warts and leave it on for the night. Wash in the morning.

Remedy for warts # 38: Consume mushrooms. Eating mushrooms daily helps to strengthen the immune system allowing you to combat especially genital warts.

Remedy for Warts # 39: Crush some fenugreek seeds and then add enough water to form a fine paste. Apply on the affected area to treat painful warts.


There are several recommendations to prevent and combat warts

Do not walk barefoot. If you walk barefoot in locker rooms, swimming pools, showers in gyms or on hotel carpet, there is a high probability that the virus will be there. The best protection is the footwear.

Cover your cuts and scrapes If you have cuts or scrapes, you must quickly disinfect the wound and then cover it with a bandage until it is cured, otherwise the virus can easily enter under the skin. Care should be taken if the cut or opening is around the cuticle, as it can cause a particularly malignant type of wart (peri-frontal warts) which are difficult to treat.

Keeping your feet dry If you have warts on your feet, try to keep them as dry as possible, as the warts develop in moisture. It is best to change the stockings at least three times a day and then apply a medicated talc. Equally beneficial is changing shoes frequently and allowing them to dry completely.

Check Medication Use Some medications to soften and get rid of warts contain salicylic acid. However, these are not recommended for diabetics and people with circulation problems.

Do not touch the warts Warts are contagious easily, if touched by the hand, it runs the risk that it appears there or in some other area of body that has subsequently touched.

Keep calm. People are more susceptible to warts when under stress and at the same time eat poorly. Therefore, it is recommended to remain calm.

See the doctor if:

It is not known exactly if you have a wart or cancer skin lesion. Although warts are harmless, it is important to differentiate them from tumors that occur in skin cancer, since these, in their initial phase, are often confused with simple warts. It is necessary to monitor those that grow quickly, that adopt an irregular shape or increase of height conforming a scaly surface.
The person is diabetic
You have a genital wart.

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