Science Proves Rosemary Can Help Fight Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Rosemary essential oil has lots of health benefits. But did you know that rosemary can help fight dementia and improve memory? This oil has many beneficial compounds – esters, acids, phenols, ketones, and terpenes. All these compounds can be absorbed into the body nasal passages and lungs if you sniff rosemary.

How rosemary improves memory

In this study, researchers found that rosemary benefits our cognitive ability. Researchers did cognitive tests on 20 subjects. The subjects performed better when they did their tests in a room diffused with rosemary.

The researchers believed that these results were experienced because of 1,8 cineole, a compound found in rosemary essential oil. This study concluded that sniffing rosemary can improve memory.

Rosemary fights dementia and Alzheimer’s

Well, rosemary boosts memory, but can it fight dementia? Research shows it can. In this study, which involved 28 seniors with dementia (17 had Alzheimer’s), the subjects underwent aromatherapy for four weeks. Rosemary essential oil was used in this aromatherapy. After four weeks the researchers found that the subjects had better cognitive ability. And the subjects with Alzheimer’s benefited the most. There were no side effects experienced after this study.

Sniffing rosemary oil every day can help boost your memory, brain function and lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. All you need to do is diffuse rosemary oil in a room and sit.

Other essential oils that improve brain function

Lavender: For one thing, lavender oil will keep you calm and relaxed. Ingesting a few drops of this oil will eliminate brain fog and eliminate stress.

Vetiver: This grass-like herb helps increase alertness and can help you recover from emotional shock and trauma.

Peppermint: This popular oil helps improve concentration, stimulate mind, boost mental performance and support memory. This is one of those oils you should use every day.

Frankincense: Sniffing frankincense can greatly benefit your brain. This essential oil improves concentration and will keep you calm. One study found that frankincense improves migraines symptoms by 74 percent.

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