Stop buying blueberries. Use these Clever Methods To Get A Never-Ending Supply

Blueberries are an excellent ingredient to add it to your smoothies since it has a lot of vitamins and minerals, but they can be quite expensive, so not everyone can afford them. Nevertheless, there is no reason to worry since you can grow this delicious and healthy fruit in your own garden.

Check out the following tips for growing your own blueberries:

  1. Picky, picky, picky:

In order to grow blueberries, you need to choose the ones that will survive in your climate since some types grow in humid climates while others in freezing temperature.

  1. Consider the soil: 

The acidity of the soil is extremely important, and according to the Almanac, the soil acidity should be between 4 and 5. However, if you soil is not appropriate, you can plant them in pots.

  1. Plant them right: 

Good soil is an important factor, but also the sunlight, so you need to choose a spot that gets a lot of sunlight. According to HGTV, you need to leave at least 5-feet between each bush.

  1. Keep them safe: 

Make sure to surround your plants with bamboo sticks or cover them with a food-grade net in order to keep them safe from bugs, birds and other hungry creatures.

  1. Keep them coming: 

The Almanac claims that blueberry bushes can produce fruit up to 20 years, so in order to ensure longevity, prune your bushes every few years.

  1. Get the best:

Plant them in the early spring in order to be able to pick them by July. Once they turn blue, wait several days since ripe berries will fall off the bush into your hands.

If you live in a small place, you can create your own patio or balcony in order to grow your own berries.


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