Use Coconut Oil For Hair loss, Dandruff And Damage

The coconut oil has lauric acid and this acid is in the medium chain fatty acids that make hair stronger, regrow it and lessen damage.

There are many benefits in this oil as we know, but what about topical use?

You know coconut is great so far. Let’s see the uses it offers. One is great hair care. It has minerals, nutrients and vitamins that remove hair damage, soften the hair and repair it.

How to use it for the hair:


Warm up the oil in warm water and dampen the hair to be wet. 1 tbsp f this warm oil is applied on the scalp and for longer hair use 2 tbsp or even 4. Massage the roots and after 3 min, put a shower cap. Wait half an hour and rinse of with mild shampoo. Do not use hair mask.


Wash the hair and mix 2 tbsp of the oil with 5 drops essential oil (thyme, lavender, wintergreen). They fight yeast or fungi too. massage this on the scalp from the neck upward and the ears. Use shower cap again and hair dryer to set the oil fixed. After 30 min, rinse with mild shampoo. Do this 3 times weekly and for re-growing hair, leave the cap overnight.


If you have long hair, mix 1 tsp coconut oil and heat it up in hot water. Then for short hair, just reduce the dose by half. When it melts, massage this in the roots and scalp. With comb, brush the hair and cover the whole head. With hair clip pull the hair back and put a shower cap. Let this sit overnight and rinse with mild shampoo in the morning.

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