You have only 10 seconds: This is how you will save your life in case of heart attack! (video)

When struck by a heart attack, people find themselves helpless and unable to react properly. The truth is that at this point they have only ten seconds before losing consciousness.  This article gives a useful tip on how to save your life until the ambulance comes and takes the needed measures.

Coughing can help a lot in this situation as long as done energetically and forcefully. You should inhale deeply and cough as hard as possible to cough out the secretion.

Repeat this procedure every two seconds until the ambulance arrives and reacts accordingly to the situation.  If you notice any improvement, wait for a few minutes and stop coughing.


By taking deep breaths you intake more oxygen while coughing helps maintain normal heart beat and circulation.  This simple trick is life-saving for those who are struck with heart attack and unable to go the hospital on time.  Since losing consciousness happens in a matter of seconds, it is important to follow this advice and stay conscious until the ambulance reaches you.


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